Roomel – Changing Room in a Towel (Navy/Pink – Gray/Pink)

price: $49.99

  • Built-in Water Resistant Bag
  • Fully Adjustable Waist Strap
  • 100% Terry Cotton Towel
  • Valuables Pocket on Bag For Your Keys, Cell, Wallet, MP3 Player, etc.
  • Patent Pending Changing Feature Allows for Comfortable and Confident Changes Anywhere


The Roomel is ideal for obstacle course training/race

The Roomel is a multifunctional towel and bag designed to easily convert into a bag for active people and active lifestyles. You will get muddy from so the ultra-light, soft and absorbent towel which dries quickly is ideal for obstacle course training or race. The patent pending design of the Roomel allows you to change your clothes anywhere with privacy and confidence. The spacious built in water-resistant bag provides you with the ability to store your damp clothes along

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