Eagle Obstacles Timed Course.

15 Burpee penalty if you fall off any of the obstacles.

60 pound sand bag carry for both men and women. 50 pound Hercules hoist for men and women

1) One time around the pond

2) Contestant will fill a bucket to the marked line in the bucket with gravel by the dumpsters. Contestant will then do two laps around the bucket route before returning and emptying the gravel back at its original place.

3) Then across the slackline.

4) Sandbag carry – contestant will carry 60 pound sand bag down and up the hill for three laps before dropping off bag

5) Spider web 

6) Log jump – contestant must touch the top of every log with at least one foot without touching the ground.

7) High knee tires

8) Run along trail to the Inverted wall

9) Crawl over cargo net

10) Climb rope twice and slap hand on boar at top.

11) Crawl under obstacle

12) Monkey bars go down, back, down, and back without touching any boards on either side before completion

13) Walk balance boards and logs without touching the ground

14) Traverse rope

15) Traverse wall- only using all of the red foot and hand holds

16) Log carry with largest log once around log path

17) Hoist 50 lb bag for both men and women 3 times do not allow bag to crash to the ground

18) Rope swinging without touching the ground

19)  5 tire flips men 200 pound tire women 150 pound number

20) 10 pull ups

21)  Climb 8 foot wall then under and over again

22) Crawl under cargo net

23) 60 degree wall

24) Jump over wall then under and over again x all 3 walls

24) 10 pull ups 

25) Jump 8 foot wall then under then over 

26) 20 push ups 

27) Tractor pull

28) 45 degree wall

29) High knee 

30) 1 attempt spear throw

31) Balance beam                                              



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