When are you open?

Every Wednesday evening 4-7pm, every Saturday morning 9-12pm April through October. The course opening is subject to weather for updates check our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OCR-Eagle-Obstacles-1438985419726517/

What should I wear?

Any comfortable fitness attire you mind getting dirty, shorts are okay but compression or high socks are recommended for the rope obstacles. Trail running sneakers or any comfortable running shoes are suggested. Cleats are not permitted.

Is this course for any level of fitness?

Yes, with over 30 obstacles available to try out we can meet any and all fitness levels.

Are there instructors available to teach techniques on the obstacles when I come?

For the most part the owner and a few volunteers roam the course during open times helping people with their techniques on the obstacles. If you come out during a busy day/evening private training is available with reservation.

Will I get wet?

Eagle Obstacles does not have any water crossing obstacles.

How muddy is it?

We are located on 15 acres of woods and rugged terrain that you will only encounter it being muddy on a rainy day.

Do you have electrified obstacles?


Do I have to sign a waiver form?

Yes, all participants and spectators must sign a waiver form at check-in before accessing the course.

What if my kids want to use the course but I don’t?

Kids ages 7-12: Parent/guardian does not have to pay the $20 entrance fee but is only allowed to walk through the course as a supervisor and not allowed to use any of the obstacles. Kids ages 6 and under: A supervisor must pay the $20 entrance fee to access the course with their child.

Do you offer boot camps?

For the month of April we are offering a boot camp class on Saturday morning from 9-10am for $30 which includes the one hour boot camp and two hour access of the course following.

How can I continue to train during the months the course is closed?

Once the course closes at the end of October we continue our boot camp sessions at B5 Fitness located in Needham.

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