Mud Run participants are never discouraged by the outdoor conditions and train in all types of weather!

What should you wear when you come to one of our ORC training events to train for your upcoming mud race?


You always want to keep several things in mind. Temperature’s could be in the low 50’s but don’t go overboard on your layers because you are going to get warm as you run the course. I’m sure in April there will either be snow or mud on the course which means you don’t want baggy or loose fitting clothes which will get wet and just drag you down. As the weather warms up for summer you still want tight fitting clothes made out of Coolmaxdry fitlycra, or spandex which are best for wicking away moisture. You want to also consider wearing clothes without any pockets. Pockets usually fill up with mud or snow which drag you down. Clothes made out of cotton are probably the worst especially for wet days because they do not wick away the moisture and will also cause chafing when wet. Keeping that in mind always wear underwear made of nylon or synthetic material.



outfits for men 

outfits for women 

As far as shoes go preferably lightweight, tight fitting, good traction, and relatively thick soles work best when running in wet conditions. This also helps with tractions on the obstacles.

men footwear 

women footwear 


If you have something you want to try out for a race the training course is the best place to find out what you like best! (For example,glovescompression sleevescamel packs.) Long pants or calves sleeves are useful for the ropes and crawling and protecting the skin.

compression sleeves

camel packs


Summery :The two big things to remember. Never wear anything you don’t want to get ruined and bring a spare set of clothes to change into unless you want your vehicle to be dirty.

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